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"The Brand with Deeper Meaning"

Lil Love is “The Brand with Deeper Meaning”. We are not just about t-shirts but about the fabric of life. Our shirts have messages with a much deeper meaning than just a picture on a t-shirt. These messages instill a sense of hope in a singular person, and that hope becomes their daily perspective. It is our belief that what a person believes within will create an outpouring into their everyday actions. When your heart is your fuel and that fuel is positivity then the wellspring overflows with an infectious love, contagious to all we encounter. One person passes along a Lil Love to the next, creating a forward movement into a more positive world.


'All You Need is a Lil Love' by Blogger Helen Ames

February 25, 2016

It’s such an honor and so exciting to see a girl who we've mentored since she was a high school student discover and follow her passions and have the courage to share her gifts with all of us. Helen Ames was with us since the beginning of Lil Love and in this blog she talks about what it means to her. We’re thrilled to share her post with you!

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Beauty and Life coach Michelle Hammons highlights Lil Love

January 28, 2016

We're so excited and honored that Michelle Hammons highlighted us in this beautifully written blog post. Michelle is such a positive and encouraging person and someone who strives to follow her passions and leads others to do the same, so it truly is an honor to have her talk about us. We would love for you to read her post. And follow her on Facebook for her daily words of encouragement. It's a great way to start your day!

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