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What It's About

Love and hope are more than words to be spoken
They’re to be lived out and demonstrated
Relaying positive healing to all who feel broken.

Lil Love is “The Brand with Deeper Meaning”. We are not just about t-shirts but about the fabric of life. We want to be comfortable to wear as well as comforting to the Spirit deep within. Our shirts have messages with a much deeper meaning than just a picture on a t-shirt. These messages spark positive conversation leading to a deeper, more loving connection, turning everyday strangers into compassionate counterparts.

Our mission is to shine the light of positivity and hope in today’s world, which is seemingly overwhelmed by negativity. How do we do this? Through our messages. They instill a profound sense of hope in a singular person, and that hope becoming their daily perspective. It is our belief that what a person believes within will create an outpouring into their everyday actions. When your heart is your fuel and that fuel is positivity then the wellspring overflows with an infectious love, contagious to all we encounter. One person passes along a Lil Love to the next, creating a forward movement into a more positive world.

We love and care about each of you and are here to make a difference. Our goal is not only to help you feel good but to look good. The quality of our clothing is important so we strive to avoid negative material, as we feel that breeds negativity in wearing such. We would never want to wear any clothing of poor quality therefore we would never want you to either.

Who is Lil Love? You are. It was created for you, plain and simple. There’s a saying that goes “If you don’t like what’s going on in the world, then you should try to do something about it. “ Sometimes though, it is hard to go out and make a change. We decided that we would start within. We began by looking into our own lives and changing our perspectives, so as to spread positivity to others. One person at a time, we can make this world a better place. It has to begin somewhere. Why not here? Why not with you? Look amazing and spread “A Lil Love” one shirt at a time.