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Conquer Your Mind Guys Tee

Product Description

Meaning Behind the Theme: Conquer Your Mind

The inspiration for this theme comes from various writings that helped us to differentiate between what we refer to as the worldly mind and the spiritual mind. The spiritual mind is governed by the spirit and is at peace, whereas the worldly mind is governed by the ways of the world, instead of the spirit, and fear seems to be its dominant emotion. The worldly mind wants to take us away from the present moment and instead dwell on what we should have done in the past that would have made our life so much better or it wants to project into the future all of the negative situations we could be in. The worldly mind pulls us away from “now”. The worldly mind can also deceive us into believing that spontaneous, negative thoughts we might have actually reflect who we are as a person. But they don’t. And the more negativity that we’re exposed to, the more the worldly mind will rebound that negativity in the form of negative thoughts. Since we cannot control having negative thoughts, or when they will occur, we need to learn to disassociate ourselves from them.

The spiritual mind, on the other hand, only operates in the present. The spiritual mind is what allows us to notice the world around us and to focus on the things that we need to do now. The days when we typically feel our best are the days when we just feel “alive”, and this is because we are in the present - not in the past or in the future. The spiritual mind may feel stress, but it’s the worldly mind that worries. Worrying is what prevents us from doing our best and keeps us stuck in the negative thoughts that hold us back. If you follow the bible, then you may recognize that Christ addressed this issue when he said: “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life” (Luke 12:25). And the bible addresses this battle over our minds by telling us: “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace” (Romans 8:6). The battle we all face within is choosing which of these we will live by. When we feel the worldly mind trying to dominate, we need to conquer it by snapping back to “now” and allowing the spiritual mind to take over.

About the Image

The Conquer Your Mind image portrays two characters, one representing the worldly mind and the other representing the spiritual mind. Since the concept of a “thought” created by the worldly mind or the spiritual mind is elusive and cannot be directly seen, it is represented by two similar looking characters. The two characters are playing tug-of-war over your heart, which is the key to your spirit. Your heart is what’s at stake. When the worldly mind is winning and creating worry and doubt in you, your heart might feel heavy leading you to have negative thoughts and a negative outlook. On the other hand, when the spiritual mind is winning, you feel present and “alive”. You feel peace in your heart leading you to feel positive and hopeful.

Shirt Details:
  • 100% ultra-fine cotton
  • Garment washed yielding super-soft fabric with a vintage feel
  • Super lightweight fabric (3.4 oz.)
  • Slim fit
  • Tagless 
  • One of the most comfortable, best fitting shirts you will ever wear

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